Chiropractic treatment is an alternative approach to take care of your health. Chiropractors do not offer medicines or surgical options for your health. It completely relies on the adjustment techniques where chiropractors perform the spinal adjustment. Neck pain is another common health issue, and people generally take medicines to treat the problem. This conventional approach cannot offer real relief. A chiropractor treats your neck pain, analysing your health issues. Contact Dr Moe Pisciottano and get the best option for neck pain treatment. He is an experienced doctor and has been in the chiropractic field for many years.

Dr Moe Pisciottano earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989, and since then, he has been helping for pain management, applying some adjustment techniques. If you suffer from neck pain, there are a few types of pain you may experience. Dr Maurice Pisciottano has explained them in an easier language to make you understand.

Types of neck pain:

  1. Cervical intervertebral disc injury
  2. Cervical spine injury
  3. Degenerative joint syndrome
  4. Whiplash

How chiropractors treat your neck pain?

Chiropractors primarily use their hands for treating muscle, joint, and nerve pain by adjusting the spine. Here, the adjustment is performed by applying a controlled but sudden force on the affected area of your spine to release stress and align the area. When your muscles, joints, or ligaments move poorly because of the injury due to tissue damage or scarring, you experience pain.

Chiropractors consider your spine a whole because your spine covers your neck area, mid-back, and lower back. By adjusting the spine, a doctor treats not just symptoms of pain but also the root cause of the problem. Thereby, you will get complete relief from your health issue.

Before choosing the right treatment approach, your chiropractor analyses your health complications and goes through your medical history. He/she gathers information regarding your posture, how you walk, and your spinal condition. Your doctor will also suggest a physical examination and ask you for medical imaging, such as an X-Ray or MRI, to diagnose the right causes of your pain.

Chiropractic treatment has got advanced with different instruments like ProAdjuster, Spine Adjuster, Sigma instruments. ProAdjuster is a device that helps chiropractors concentrates on the imbalances in your nervous system due to too fluid or rigid vertebrae in your spine. Sigma instruments are a computer-assisted device that gives clearer details about the affected area and helps doctors in the treatment.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain:

Experienced chiropractors perform different treatment procedures for treating your pain. Depending on the type of issue, your doctor will decide the best option for your health. Here are some techniques we have explained to you.

  1. Flexion-distraction technique:

Chiropractors impose a gentle spinal manipulation on the intervertebral discs instead of applying direct force.

2. Instrument-assisted manipulation:

Chiropractors use a hand-held device for your spinal manipulation instead of the conventional approach of applying thrust on your spine.

3. Specific-spinal manipulation:

It restores joint movement by applying a gentle thrust to your spine.

Besides, a chiropractor also uses soft-tissue therapy for treating muscle tension. The other techniques are manual joint stretching, therapeutic massage, and trigger point therapy.

If you want to know more about more pain treatment options, please contact Dr Moe Pisciottano. He is an experienced doctor for offering the best pain treatment approach for your health. Contact us to know more.

Flexibility is how comfortable you are in a different range of movements. If you feel stiffness anywhere in the body, opt for chiropractic treatment with ProAdjuster to get better and faster relief.

When we were young, we never thought of our flexibility. We were flexible without doing anything to maintain it. But as we grew older, the problem started appearing. We feel pain while stretching our bodies. The stiffness in joints has become one of the common symptoms of reduced flexibility. Chiropractors can help you gain the lost strength of bones and muscles by adjusting your spine. Misaligned bones get back to their proper position when doctors perform chiropractic treatment, applying advanced instruments like ProAdjuster.

If the lack of flexibility causes hindrances in your everyday journey, we suggest you consult with Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, an experienced ProAdjuster Chiropractic doctor who helps patients to get a pain-free life.

A range of factors reduces your flexibility, from a sedentary lifestyle to inactive professional life to obesity and weight gaining problems. Whatever the issue, you will get the best doctor for your chiropractic treatment to regain your flexibility.

Mechanical adjustments become old now. Nowadays, doctors use instrument-assisted chiropractic treatment to get computer-analyzed data to make the treatment precise and accurate.

How can you improve your range of movements?

Flexibility defines how comfortable you are in a range of movements. If you experience stiffness, you can contact a chiropractic doctor for treatment; otherwise, you can also work on improving your flexibility by making certain changes in your regular life.

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Loose weight
  4. Perform yoga and medication

How do chiropractors help you?

Chiropractic treatment concentrates on your body’s natural healing ability without medicines and other harmful options.

Chiropractic treatment gets advanced with devices like ProAdjuster and ProSoft. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano offers chiropractic care where patients get more convenient choices for the treatment. He even guides the budding chiropractors in using these devices for the treatment. To make the treatment advanced, proper use of sigma instruments is necessary. You can consult Dr. Maurice Pisciottano to get more details.

Applying a range of adjustments, chiropractors offer relief from muscle stiffness and pain. An adjustment from an experienced, licensed doctor offers faster improvements.

Test your flexibility:

You can test your flexibility by performing a certain range of motions. You can perform exercises to test your flexibility.

  1. Extension: Tilt your head back with your face toward the ceiling.
  2. Flexion: Move your head forward to touch the chest with your chin.
  3. Rotation: Turn your head from left to right, keeping your chin in line with your shoulders.
  4. Lateral bending: Bending your head to keep your right or left ear to your right or left shoulder.

If you experience any pain or stiffness in your neck, do not perform the test and contact a chiropractor. Chiropractors, using spinal adjustment and manipulation, realign bones, joints, muscles to reduce pain and offer and improve flexibility and motion.

Visit us to know more about chiropractic treatment with ProAdjuster. Dr. Moe Pisciottano will help you relieve pain and muscle stiffness by performing adjustments assisted with sigma instruments.

Without prescribed drug painkillers or doing surgery, a chiropractor can realign your spinal joint correctly. Chiropractic treatment comes with advanced techniques and small instruments, including Pro-Adjuster, Sigma Instruments, Sigma Chiropractic to identify and treat several conditions. For example, fibromyalgia, neck pain, headaches. Besides, by providing sigma chiropractic, chiropractors give the best alternative remedy for reducing back pain.

Remember that chiropractic treatment means you will build a strong positive relationship between the body’s structure and nervous system to increase your overall health condition.

So, if you have trust in chiropractic treatment, come to Practice Results 360 and treat your illness with Dr. Moe Pisciottano.

Chiropractic Treatment Includes :

If you visit Practice Results 360 to treat your pain, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, can perform the following things:

  1. Analyze your medical history and then perform a physical test with special tools/instruments.
  2. Besides, will make you calm and suggest you do regular exercises at home.
  3. Might order for imaging and laboratory tests-for instance, MRI and X-ray.
  4. They will identify other conditions and recommend patients to other doctors if needed.
  5. Will performs several treatments. For example, mobilization therapy, Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Electrical Therapy, and Spine Adjuster.
  6. Apart from these, if Dr. Moe Pisciottano thinks, he might provide occupational, nutritional, dietary modification counseling.
  7. Besides, for your optimal care, our chiropractors will work closely with your family physician.

Hence, if you ever suffer from pain and inflammation and want long-term safe to relieve, come to Practice Results 360 and instantly start your treatment.

Who Should Opt for Chiropractic Treatment?

Sometimes, your family physician might recommend visiting a chiropractic clinic for many conditions. For example, neck pain, back pain, and other joint problems. Patients who rely upon chiropractic treatment usually prefer a hands-on therapeutic approach to reduce their pain. However, depending on your physical conditions, often our chiropractors use small tools to ensure the best result for your health. Besides, our chiropractors might instruct you to do regular exercises and strictly follow a diet plan.

It’s Time To Visit a Chiropractic Clinic:

If you ever suffer from the given illness, consider visiting a chiropractic clinic:

  1. Severe fatigue and achiness
  2. Back or neck pain
  3. Weakness in your arms and legs
  4. If you suffer from headaches
  5. Joint stiffness
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Itching in your arms and legs
  8. Pain shooting down your arms or legs

Besides, for a regular check-up, you can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano- like other doctor’s clinic visits. At our clinic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano will evaluate your medical history. Also, provide valuable advice about your health, wellness, and how to prevent diseases.

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor :

If you visit Practice Results 360, then you will understand, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will treat several conditions. And these will directly or indirectly reduce muscles, joints, and spine problems. Like :

  1. Reduce Chronic pain discomforts, including myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and headaches like migraine, tension headaches.
  2. Decrease injuries, such as sports and tendinitis injuries.
  3. Improve spinal conditions—for example, back pain, spondylosis, and neck pain.

What does Dr. Moe Pisciottano Test?

If needed, Dr. Moe Pisciottano might order you for doing the following tests:

  1. Imaging tests include MRI, X-ray, and CT.
  2. Evaluation of your sensation, reflexes, walking, spine, and posture
  3. Order psoas muscle test to see imbalance spine joints. Bear in mind; psoas muscle connects your legs to the lower spine.
  4. Might order for piriformis muscle test to examine hip flexibility and piriformis muscle flexibility in the buttocks
  5. Yeoman’s test to evaluate whether your pelvis and lower spine joints are strained or not
  6. Straight leg raise for sciatica pain

Bottom Lines

Remember that chiropractic treatment is the best safe alternative to manual adjustment. So, if you don’t want to hear the popping or cracking sound associated with manual treatment, you can come to Practice Results 360. We request you browse our website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe and directly talk to Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

The Sigma chiropractic keeps away all the fears of manual chiropractic treatment. So, do you continuously suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and inflammation? If yes, then here is sigma chiropractic treatment for you. As per Dr. Moe Pisciottano, many patients who deal with the above diseases don’t opt for manual adjustment because of the pop or crack sound during the procedure.

If you are one among them, you can visit the Practice Results 360 chiropractic clinic. Here, you will take the benefits of Sigma instruments from some top-class chiropractors like Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

Sigma Chiropractic/Pro-Adjuster : Defination

The Sigma chiropractic ( aka Pro-Adjuster chiropractic) is a computer-based sophisticated technology. Remember that it involves gentle pressure to fix spinal joint issues. Also, at Practice Results 360, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano observes the result in a computer. And get crucial information about the resonant frequency & motion dynamics of the spinal joint. By applying a sudden but controlled pressure to the Sigma instrument, calculate the stiffness of the tissue.

Always remember the sigma chiropractic contains a collision wave. Also, comes with the oscillating frequency allows chiropractors to give accurate pressure to the affected area. The oscillating frequency sends a signal to the Sigma instruments in order to measure the tissue & spine response. After that, it sends an alert to the computer for interpretation. Bear in mind the entire procedure occurs so fast that it decreases the standard defense mechanism.

Sigma Instrument Technology:

Before relying upon it, patients might want to know that Sigma chiropractic uses which technology? Keep in mind; it uses the same technique that has been used by engineers & industry to test the metal fatigue in bridge and aircraft spans.

It means Sigma instruments use cutting-edge technology. At Practice Results 360, Dr. Moe Pisciottano relies upon this advanced technology to measure tissue and joints and treat them accordingly. With Sigma chiropractic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano and Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will easily decide whether a regular, manual adjustment is necessary or not.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano :

Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an expert on Sigma chiropractic technology and has taught many doctors across the globe. According to him, this technology is so gentle that we can apply the Sigma instrument technique to treat senior citizens, small children, and people who have undergone surgeries. In the below part, Dr. Moe Pisciottano explained some crucial factors about Sigma chiropractic.

Crucial Factors about Sigma Instruments

  1. Sigma chiropractic is comfortable for all age people, as there’s no risk of excessive force.
  2. Without the need for hyperextending parts of the body, the patient will be treated calmly.
  3. In a recent interview, he says clearly that soft tissue symptoms such as trigger points will respond quickly to the Sigma chiropractic force. Bear in mind; computer measures the pressure, and it will deliver in a metered, sub-harmonic, exact way.

Bottom Lines

As said earlier, if you ever suffer from inflammation, pain, and other health problems but you fear manual adjustment, opt for Sigma chiropractic technology.

Unfortunately, this advanced chiropractic technology isn’t available everywhere. Besides, it’s essential to treat your pain from the best chiropractic clinic. For this, you can visit Practice Results 360. Also, go to our website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe and book an online appointment with Dr. Moe Pisciottano and Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.