Chiropractors help patients in their pain treatments, but it is becoming one of the best treatment approaches for your health. You need to find out the best chiropractors when it comes to your health. You cannot book an appointment with anyone who appears on the first page on Google. We have some of the best plans to book an appointment with the best doctors. Dr.Maurice Pisciottano, or Dr.Moe Pisciottano to his patients, has shared his thoughts that help people find the best chiropractor near them. Dr.Maurice Pisciottano is a trusted chiropractor who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to choosing the best chiropractor, you can follow these strategies.

Check their website:

Chiropractors’ website will provide you with enough details about their skills. You just need to learn how to read a chiropractor’s website. Read their different pages and understand the tones. Their website must be patient-oriented. Some chiropractors sell their services only, and it is clearly mentioned on their websites also. Read pages and content, and you will get a complete idea about it.

Ignore the user-friendly factor of websites. A chiropractor may have a poor website, but it does not mean they are not good doctors. If a website does not provide enough details regarding health problems based on scientific evidence, you can ignore the name.

Learn from their past clients:

You must learn from your chiropractor’s past clients. Reviews will help you get enough details about a chiropractor. But, read reviews about a chiropractor from a third-party website because no one puts bad reviews on their web pages. Check the sites that are unbiased when it comes to reading reviews and feedback. Read these reviews and learn how your chiropractor treats his/her patients.

Dr.Maurice Pisciottano is an experienced name and has many years of experience in the field of chiropractic. He completed his doctor of chiropractic degree in 1989 at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He helped many patients treat their pain with advanced chiropractic methods using ProAdjuster or Sigma Instruments. ProAdjuster improves the functions of the central nervous system, and sigma instruments improve the health of your spine.

Insurance coverage:

Many chiropractors offer insurance coverage, and if you have an insurance plan, you can choose chiropractors that cover your claim. But, you must opt for the best chiropractor for your health. Do not choose any doctor that accepts your insurance.

Your queries:

You can call a chiropractor and solves your queries. A reputed chiropractic clinic always gives answers to your all queries. You can learn about their license, their chiropractic degree, their experience in the field of chiropractic, and more.

You must doubt check all the details you receive from your chiropractors. Do not blindly follow them. Visit your state board’s licensing website to learn more about chiropractic. Do not opt for the cheap package because a wrong decision can harm your health.

Type of treatments:

A chiropractor suggests you many treatment choices for your health. Choose the advanced chiropractic treatment options with ProAdjuster or sigma instruments. Let your chiropractor decide which treatment proves to be helpful for you.

Meet Dr.Moe Pisciottano to learn more about chiropractic treatments. He performs Sigma Chiropractic and other adjustment techniques for your health. Please visit us to learn more about chiropractic treatments.

Noticeable symptom relief is seen for many musculoskeletal conditions that bring about back and neck pain after 2 to 3 visits to the chiropractor per week for a few weeks. Studies show that approximately 12 treatment sessions with a chiropractor over 6 weeks is enough to complete a back pain relief treatment plan. Most of the success stories from Dr.Maurice Pisciottano treatment procedure can be attributed to the routine adjustments using Spine Adjuster such as the ProAdjuster 360.

What Are TheCommon Chiropractic Treatment Plans?

A treatment plan is designed using spinal manipulation and/or spinal mobilization including extremity joint manual therapies to reduce pain, restore motion and prevent a recurrence. Other forms of treatment are utilized along with manipulative therapy including exercise training and soft-tissue therapies (Gratson, trigger point, manual release techniques, and more) and physical therapy modalities (ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation, pulsed magnetic field, and more). In the absence of a progressive worsening of a condition during care, a common program is three times per week for two to four weeks followed by a re-evaluation.

Noted improvement results in the tapering of treatment frequency as necessary while at the same time introducing self-help and home-based recommendation. In time, the frequency of the spinal manipulations and/or spinal mobilizations are usually progressively reduced to an as-needed follow-up plan.

Many patients commonly experience relief of symptoms after 1 or 2 chiropractic sessions. Four to twelve sessions are common for most chiropractors. These sessions are generally spread over two to four weeks. This allows room for Dr.Maurice Pisciottano to ensure that the boy is healing as expected and allows the patient to go through the full benefits that come with chiropractic adjustments.

Aftercare has been established, patients have the option of choosing to get treatment once a week or every other month. Initial care is more frequent as the body starts to recognize the healing process.

Personalized care is given to help your body recover and help your body to better adapt and recover. Patients experiencing pain may firn great relief in combined care plans. These plans include rehabilitative therapy, chiropractic treatments, spinal decompression, and chiropractic massage therapy.

How many chiropractic visits should one do?

The number of chiropractic visits depends entirely on the type of injury you have sustained, the location of the injury, and the severity of the pain. Other important factors include your overall health, lifestyle, and activity level. For most patients with minor issues, most patients experience relief after four to eight visits. In more serious cases, the number of visits can vary widely. This can be from eight to thirty ex visits over a matter of months or weeks. The type of spine adjuster techniques used may also determine the number of visits required.

Maintenance sessions:

For maintenance, patients looking for overall health wellness, flexibility, and well-being usually go for a month between visits. It is normal to have one visit in a period of one to three months. It all comes down to what the patient wants and what the chiropractor recommends. In Dr.Moe Pisciottanoschropractic clinics, the common chiropractic maintenance schedules call for two to three visits a month. Through the visits, the necessary adjustments are made using sigma instruments and other modern techniques of adjustment until the desired results are achieved.

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative approach to take care of your health. Chiropractors do not offer medicines or surgical options for your health. It completely relies on the adjustment techniques where chiropractors perform the spinal adjustment. Neck pain is another common health issue, and people generally take medicines to treat the problem. This conventional approach cannot offer real relief. A chiropractor treats your neck pain, analysing your health issues. Contact Dr Moe Pisciottano and get the best option for neck pain treatment. He is an experienced doctor and has been in the chiropractic field for many years.

Dr Moe Pisciottano earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989, and since then, he has been helping for pain management, applying some adjustment techniques. If you suffer from neck pain, there are a few types of pain you may experience. Dr Maurice Pisciottano has explained them in an easier language to make you understand.

Types of neck pain:

  1. Cervical intervertebral disc injury
  2. Cervical spine injury
  3. Degenerative joint syndrome
  4. Whiplash

How chiropractors treat your neck pain?

Chiropractors primarily use their hands for treating muscle, joint, and nerve pain by adjusting the spine. Here, the adjustment is performed by applying a controlled but sudden force on the affected area of your spine to release stress and align the area. When your muscles, joints, or ligaments move poorly because of the injury due to tissue damage or scarring, you experience pain.

Chiropractors consider your spine a whole because your spine covers your neck area, mid-back, and lower back. By adjusting the spine, a doctor treats not just symptoms of pain but also the root cause of the problem. Thereby, you will get complete relief from your health issue.

Before choosing the right treatment approach, your chiropractor analyses your health complications and goes through your medical history. He/she gathers information regarding your posture, how you walk, and your spinal condition. Your doctor will also suggest a physical examination and ask you for medical imaging, such as an X-Ray or MRI, to diagnose the right causes of your pain.

Chiropractic treatment has got advanced with different instruments like ProAdjuster, Spine Adjuster, Sigma instruments. ProAdjuster is a device that helps chiropractors concentrates on the imbalances in your nervous system due to too fluid or rigid vertebrae in your spine. Sigma instruments are a computer-assisted device that gives clearer details about the affected area and helps doctors in the treatment.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain:

Experienced chiropractors perform different treatment procedures for treating your pain. Depending on the type of issue, your doctor will decide the best option for your health. Here are some techniques we have explained to you.

  1. Flexion-distraction technique:

Chiropractors impose a gentle spinal manipulation on the intervertebral discs instead of applying direct force.

2. Instrument-assisted manipulation:

Chiropractors use a hand-held device for your spinal manipulation instead of the conventional approach of applying thrust on your spine.

3. Specific-spinal manipulation:

It restores joint movement by applying a gentle thrust to your spine.

Besides, a chiropractor also uses soft-tissue therapy for treating muscle tension. The other techniques are manual joint stretching, therapeutic massage, and trigger point therapy.

If you want to know more about more pain treatment options, please contact Dr Moe Pisciottano. He is an experienced doctor for offering the best pain treatment approach for your health. Contact us to know more.

Kyphosis is a problem in your spine where you develop a rounded middle back. This health issue causes many symptoms, including pain, stiffness, and more. A chiropractor can perform the best treatment for your health since he/she takes care of your muscles, bones, and ligament health. If you are looking for the best chiropractic treatment, we suggest you search for the best doctors online. Visit accredited sites to earn information about chiropractors. Dr Moe Pisciottano is an experienced chiropractor and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989. He helps patients recover from using the best treatment choice. He is a famous chiropractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Chiropractic care is a non-surgical and non-medication treatment process where patients receive adjustment techniques for aligning their musculoskeletal structure.

What is kyphosis?

It is a condition of the forward rounding of your middle back, and the health issue can be found at any age. The most susceptible group to this problem is the older women. When kyphosis happens due to an age-related problem, your spinal bones have a higher chance to get compressed and cracked. Infants and teens can also develop kyphosis due to the malfunction of the spine. A chiropractor can treat your complication and offer the best solution for your health. If you suffer from mild kyphosis, you will experience mild problems. Severe kyphosis is painful and disfiguring.

Visit a chiropractor for the treatment. Chiropractic treatment includes advanced devices like ProAdjuster, spine adjuster, and sigma instruments. While ProAdjuster checks the rigidity and fluidity condition of your vertebrae, Sigma identifies the stiffness of your spine, offering the best treatment option to chiropractors. Let your doctor decide which treatment option is the best for you.

Different treatment choices for your kyphosis:

Your chiropractors can use different techniques of spinal manipulation for your health. Here, we have discussed some of them to make you understand how the treatment process will be for kyphosis.

Specific spinal manipulation:

With this treatment process, a chiropractor will find out the restricted joints and the abnormal motion of your spine. Doctors perform a gentle thrust on your tissue to adjust your soft tissue and enhance the functions of the nervous system to increase the normal motion of the spine.

Flexion-distraction technique:

It is a gentle spinal manipulation with no thrusting applied. This technique is more common to treat complications like degenerative disc disease and motion restriction.

Instrument-assisted manipulation:

Here, your chiropractors use a hand-held instrument to find out the problem area of the spine and apply a controllable force on the spine.

Your chiropractors can also use manual adjustment options to treat the injured ligaments or muscles. Here, we have mentioned some manual therapy options for treating your kyphosis issue.

Trigger point therapy:

It helps your doctor identify an affected muscle and painful point on your muscle. Doctors apply direct pressure on these points to relieve pressure.

Your doctor may perform manual joint stretching and resistance techniques for reducing kyphosis symptoms. There is another technique that proves to be very useful for treating soft tissue problems. It is called instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy. Your chiropractor applies controllable force on your soft tissue for repair.

Dr Moe Pisciottano treats patients for reducing inflammation, decreasing muscle spasm, helping patients improve the health of your spine, and more. Please contact us for more details.

Chiropractic treatment proves to be very effective for pain management. If you have back pain and neck pain, you can opt for chiropractic care that treats your complication without any medicines and surgical choices. There is a term associated with chiropractic care, which is spinal manipulation. As the name says, spinal manipulation is the hands-on treatment for aligning your spine. Visit a chiropractor to learn more about spinal manipulation. Dr Moe Pisciottano will clear your all doubts regarding the treatment. You can contact him and discuss your complication for a better healthcare approach.

What is spinal manipulation?

Generally, chiropractors perform spinal manipulation where they apply a sudden thrust or a force on your spine joints to improve the spinal alignment. Patients hear a popping sound during spinal manipulation, and this is because the dissolved gas in the joint fluid gets released by the application of a sudden force. Sometimes, there is no popping sound to be heard.

Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation, but physical therapists and osteopathic physicians can also perform the techniques. The spinal manipulation is also called adjustments in the chiropractic field.

Many new, advanced technologies improve the traditional manipulation techniques. These days, chiropractors use devices instead of their hands for determining the problem and applying the best treatment. Sigma instruments and ProAdjuster are very common devices for your health.

Sigma instrument:

It is a computer-based chiropractic device that measures the stiffness of joints, giving practical information about the tissue and muscles. With this instrument, the chiropractor applies a force on the joint in the form of percussion waves and oscillating frequencies. The instrument then captures the signal to measure the response of your spine. Chiropractors use these treatment processes to improve the manipulation method. Dr Maurice Pisciottano uses sigma instruments to treat joints pain in a more convenient way.


ProAdjuster is another instrument used in spinal manipulation techniques. It checks whether the vertebrae are too fluid or rigid. The device helps chiropractors identify the problem in your nervous system. ProAdjuster measurement is more precise for treating spinal manipulation than the manual adjustment process.

The goal of spinal manipulation:

The goal of spinal manipulation is always to offer you pain-free life by restoring the function of your spinal nerve. Traditional chiropractic treatment always defines the manual adjustment option by hands. An experienced chiropractor treats the complication by identifying the problem area and applying a controllable thrust on the spine.

When chiropractors use spinal manipulation:

Chiropractors use the technique for several health purposes, including unblocking stuck spinal joints, enhancing your nervous system, stretching your tight muscles, and more.

If you suffer from neck and back pain, a chiropractor can also perform spinal manipulation for your health. Visit Dr Moe Pisciottano for your chiropractic care. He is an experienced doctor for your treatment. Please contact us for more details.

Chiropractic treatment is rising as the best alternative for your pain management. Instead of medicines, you can try chiropractic care to take care of your health. A chiropractor can treat the root cause of your pain by the spinal adjustments, and you will get a permanent solution to back pain, neck injuries, and other pain-related problems. But, patients can do their part to make the treatment even more effective. Chiropractors believe that suggested stretching exercise can improve the conditions. Dr. Moe Pisciottano reveals here the need for stretching to keep your health happy. Read on to learn more.

Stretching does not take enough time, and you can perform these exercises anytime, anywhere. You do not need any special equipment to perform stretching, and you will get a wide range of benefits for your health. Stretching helps you keep your muscles and joints flexible.

Perform stretching:

When you have a stiff back, it limits your body’s range of motions. An inflexible body cannot perform every day task smoothly. So, we suggest some stretching exercises that will help you make your spine strong. A healthy core improves your body’s elasticity and flexibility.

Relax your muscles:

A calm and relaxed state of mind can help you get a better result. When you achieve calmness in your brain and body, you will get the best benefits from your treatment. It is the most important and trickiest part of the treatment. You will also get the best benefits.

Follow your chiropractor’s advice and perform stretching as many times as your doctor suggests. You can even consult with our chiropractor and learn more about stretching. Our doctors have been in the field for many years and offer relief from pain. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano is a renowned name in chiropractic treatment because he uses conventional methods along with modern techniques to treat a complication. With ProAdjuster and Sigma Instruments, we perform spinal adjustments with ultimate precision, eliminating conventional, mechanical adjustments limitations.

Two basic stretching exercises that you can perform are hip flexor stretch and pelvic lift.

The benefits of stretching are so many. We help you understand why you need stretching along with chiropractic care.

Stretching improves spine alignment:

When you stretch, your chest, shoulders, and lower back improve their structure, helping you maintain good posture. Your muscles need stretching to enhance the range of your body’s motion.

Stretching helps you relieve stress:

When you stretch, the flow of blood to your muscles, brain, and organs will also increase. Because of this, toxins in your soft tissues will also get removed. Stretching also relieves tension in your muscles. It is a great stretch management exercise that you can perform anywhere.

If you need any further help, you can consult with our chiropractors. Dr. Moe Pisciottano is a renowned name for your pain management. With the use of ProAdjuster and Sigma instruments, he offers advanced chiropractic treatment for your health. Please visit us for more details.

If you have osteoporosis, you cannot ignore chiropractic treatment. Although everyone is different when it comes to health, chiropractic treatment offers you an effective result to improve your bone functions. You can consult an experienced chiropractor with years of knowledge in the field. They also use advanced technologies to take care of your health. ProAdjuster is an improved device that offers computer-assisted details to chiropractors for better treatment. Let’s discuss the topic even more clearly.

What is osteoporosis?

In simple language, it is a condition that develops holes in your bone. But, this health condition needs further discussion. When you view a normal bone through a microscope, it appears as a honeycomb. So, it is normal to have gaps in your skeletal system.

When the hole expands, it causes the osteoporosis problem. The hole increases because the bone density gets reduced. This problem is very common in women after menopause as the body reduces estrogen level production.

Men can also develop health conditions. The factors that increase the risk of osteoporosis are calcium deficiencies, thyroid problems, and steroid use. Some other health conditions also increase this problem, and they are cancer, celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Less bone density means you have less bone strength. When you have a problem, you will feel difficulty in regular activities like cooking, walking, and more. Sometimes, a minor fall can cause serious damages, such as a fractured hip or broken legs.

Chiropractic treatment for osteoporosis:

Although chiropractic treatment is not the best option for everyone, some patients get the best relief from chiropractic treatment. Our experienced doctors analyze health conditions and plan different therapies that offer maximum benefits to patients.

We have a ProAdjuster chiropractic doctor who identifies the problematic area easily with the help of ProAdjuster. It is a device that makes chiropractic treatment faster and better.

What benefits you will get?

Chiropractic care not only identifies the root cause of osteoporosis but also promotes your healing. Osteoporosis patients have a limited range of motions because of reduced bone density or aging. When chiropractors apply spinal manipulation, it helps you improve joint mobility that allows you to move with confidence.

Chiropractic treatment enhances the natural being formula. In this case, the treatment enhances the production of osteoblast, which are the cells that improve bone replacement in your body.

Chiropractic treatment improves your overall health, besides reducing your back pain or joint pain problem. Contact Dr. Moe Pisciottano for the treatment. He has vast years of knowledge in the field, offering advanced chiropractic treatment with sigma instruments. Please visit us to know more details.


Chiropractic adjustments are effective options for treating pain. Although it has been there in the medical field, people think twice before choosing the treatment, which is not the same as other conventional pain treatments. Besides, people have many misconceptions regarding the treatment. So, chiropractic treatment does not get the much-needed attention.  Here, we educate people with the best chiropractic treatment. The field has seen so many changes with advanced devices like ProAdjuster and ProSoft. If you want this treatment for relieving your back pain, you can contact us for more details.

We try to come up with the best details so that you can learn the best benefits of the treatment.

A chiropractic treatment concentrates on the mobility of your joints. If you have pain in your joints, you can consult a chiropractor for treatment. He or she applies force on your affected area with the use of hands or specific instruments, including ProSoft, Sigma Instruments, and ProAdjuster. With the help of these two devices, chiropractors can apply advanced treatment for bringing back lost mobility.

Chiropractic treatments are awesome if you have a tight muscle to lose or loose muscles to tight.

As we grew older, the degeneration of joints and muscles is one of the common things. It is a very common asthma case. Chiropractors can help you stop the degeneration of joints.

The benefits of chiropractic treatment are many. You can consult a chiropractor for the treatment. An experienced doctor offers the right solution.

Dr. Maurice Pisciottano is a trusted chiropractor and offers advanced chiropractic treatment with ProAdjuster and ProSoft. He uses sigma instruments for offering the best care to patients suffering from pain.

With chiropractic treatment, you can also get better circulation by bringing out the stagnant blood and bringing in new blood.

The benefits of chiropractic treatment may make everyone surprised. It can improve the ability of the nervous system.

Consult a chiropractor if you are suffering from pain. The treatment will help you alleviate pain and give you many health benefits. You will also get an improved immune system, protecting you from various health complications.

It also calms your hyperactive mind. Let chiropractors make necessary adjustments to your spinal structure. Using hands or specially designed devices like sigma instruments, chiropractors can make the adjustments.

No matter whether you are suffering from stress or pain, you can contact an experienced chiropractor. These days, you will get advanced treatments with computerized devices. Instead of a sudden force, doctors can make a gentle, controllable force for the adjustments.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano can make all your doubts cleared. Contact us to get more details. Visit our official web page for more details.

The most significant advantage of chiropractic treatment is that it’s a safe alternative and effective for all ages. As people go through multiple stages of life, physical issues can be related at any stage, especially when you are getting older. We hope you might know that kids and adult people have more immunity power than older people. That’s why senior citizens often suffer from several physical discomforts.

So, if you have older people at home and suffer from pain, inflammation, visit our chiropractic clinic today and heal your loved ones with Dr. Moe Pisciottano.

At our clinic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano utilizes chiropractic treatment with many advanced techniques and instruments, including, sigma instruments, and sigma chiropractic, and reduces the patient’s pain the earliest time.

The Way Our Chiropractic Care Benefits Older People

If you take your parents or other senior people to our clinic, in the following ways, our chiropractors help them.

1. Increase Motion Range and Flexibility:

It’s quite common that when we get older, our body starts showing the inactivity effects and lack of intended motion.

In a recent interview, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano states that our bodies contain approximately 360 joints, which help humans bend, stretch, twist, and control our body movements. In the same interview, he also clearly mentions that these joints are not moving correctly with age.

As a result, we lose overall mobility, and these joints become restricted, stiff, and negatively affect the spinal joint. However, our chiropractors can restore the joint motion range, optimize the nervous system communication, and increase muscle flexibility.

2. Boost Up Your Immune System:

According to a 2019 survey, our brain communicates to every organ, structure, and single cell to regulate overall body functions. It means our brain controls the immune system of our body.  However, there’s a direct establishment between the spinal joints and the immune system. And if your spinal joints get misaligned, your body’s immune system will decrease.

Fortunately, a survey proves that, with spine adjuster chiropractic therapy, to the upper thoracic spine and lower cervical spine, there’s a boost in immune system function. When people get older, it’s essential to make sure that the immune system functions OK- that’s why visit our clinic today.

3. Pain Relief:

As per Dr. Moe Pisciottano, chiropractic treatment helps all aged people to reduce pain.  He also added that when our brain effectively communicates with the body and function is restored to the joints; your body will feel calm and no longer stimulate the pain receptors.  Henceforth, if your loved ones deal with neck pain, lower back pain, and inflammation, take your patient to our clinic and reduce their pain.

4. Balance & Coordination:

Proprioceptors receptors inform our body where it’s in space and position. A recent study reviewed that these receptors commonly fall with age. For example, senior people might face difficulties closing their eyes and standing on one foot without falling. This happens because of misaligned proprioceptors receptors.  Now, if you come to our chiropractic clinic, in that case, our chiropractors will utilize their hands or often use small modern sigma instruments to increase the motion range, which will directly make a positive impact on these receptors. Besides, our chiropractic treatment improves your body’s balance and coordination.

Bottom Lines

We all love our senior people and respect them and never want to compromise with their health illness. Therefore, if your favorite people ever suffer from chronic pain, lower back pain, neck pain, our request is to browse our official website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe. And make an online appointment with Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

Without prescribed drug painkillers or doing surgery, a chiropractor can realign your spinal joint correctly. Chiropractic treatment comes with advanced techniques and small instruments, including Pro-Adjuster, Sigma Instruments, Sigma Chiropractic to identify and treat several conditions. For example, fibromyalgia, neck pain, headaches. Besides, by providing sigma chiropractic, chiropractors give the best alternative remedy for reducing back pain.

Remember that chiropractic treatment means you will build a strong positive relationship between the body’s structure and nervous system to increase your overall health condition.

So, if you have trust in chiropractic treatment, come to Practice Results 360 and treat your illness with Dr. Moe Pisciottano.

Chiropractic Treatment Includes :

If you visit Practice Results 360 to treat your pain, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, can perform the following things:

  1. Analyze your medical history and then perform a physical test with special tools/instruments.
  2. Besides, will make you calm and suggest you do regular exercises at home.
  3. Might order for imaging and laboratory tests-for instance, MRI and X-ray.
  4. They will identify other conditions and recommend patients to other doctors if needed.
  5. Will performs several treatments. For example, mobilization therapy, Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Electrical Therapy, and Spine Adjuster.
  6. Apart from these, if Dr. Moe Pisciottano thinks, he might provide occupational, nutritional, dietary modification counseling.
  7. Besides, for your optimal care, our chiropractors will work closely with your family physician.

Hence, if you ever suffer from pain and inflammation and want long-term safe to relieve, come to Practice Results 360 and instantly start your treatment.

Who Should Opt for Chiropractic Treatment?

Sometimes, your family physician might recommend visiting a chiropractic clinic for many conditions. For example, neck pain, back pain, and other joint problems. Patients who rely upon chiropractic treatment usually prefer a hands-on therapeutic approach to reduce their pain. However, depending on your physical conditions, often our chiropractors use small tools to ensure the best result for your health. Besides, our chiropractors might instruct you to do regular exercises and strictly follow a diet plan.

It’s Time To Visit a Chiropractic Clinic:

If you ever suffer from the given illness, consider visiting a chiropractic clinic:

  1. Severe fatigue and achiness
  2. Back or neck pain
  3. Weakness in your arms and legs
  4. If you suffer from headaches
  5. Joint stiffness
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Itching in your arms and legs
  8. Pain shooting down your arms or legs

Besides, for a regular check-up, you can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano- like other doctor’s clinic visits. At our clinic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano will evaluate your medical history. Also, provide valuable advice about your health, wellness, and how to prevent diseases.

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor :

If you visit Practice Results 360, then you will understand, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will treat several conditions. And these will directly or indirectly reduce muscles, joints, and spine problems. Like :

  1. Reduce Chronic pain discomforts, including myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and headaches like migraine, tension headaches.
  2. Decrease injuries, such as sports and tendinitis injuries.
  3. Improve spinal conditions—for example, back pain, spondylosis, and neck pain.

What does Dr. Moe Pisciottano Test?

If needed, Dr. Moe Pisciottano might order you for doing the following tests:

  1. Imaging tests include MRI, X-ray, and CT.
  2. Evaluation of your sensation, reflexes, walking, spine, and posture
  3. Order psoas muscle test to see imbalance spine joints. Bear in mind; psoas muscle connects your legs to the lower spine.
  4. Might order for piriformis muscle test to examine hip flexibility and piriformis muscle flexibility in the buttocks
  5. Yeoman’s test to evaluate whether your pelvis and lower spine joints are strained or not
  6. Straight leg raise for sciatica pain

Bottom Lines

Remember that chiropractic treatment is the best safe alternative to manual adjustment. So, if you don’t want to hear the popping or cracking sound associated with manual treatment, you can come to Practice Results 360. We request you browse our website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe and directly talk to Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

Millions of people might suffer from chronic pain, after an accident or from diseases like fibromyalgia that affect the nervous system; visit the Practice Results 360 clinic to start treatment. Many people might want to relieve pain without taking a drug painkiller, and for this, always search for an alternative. Are you one of those? Contact Dr. Moe Pisciottano. At Practice Results 360, Dr. Moe Pisciottano uses different modern pain relief approaches and tools, including Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic, Sigma Chiropractic, Spine Adjuster. Also, by utilizing their hands or small tools, our chiropractors will reduce your pain at the earliest time without any side effects.

Possible Causes of Chronic Pain

Remember that, once chronic pain occurs, it will continue for the longest time. Therefore, it’s essential to trigger the symptoms at the earliest time and stop the pain. Studies show that when chronic pain appears, our brain will instantly sense it, and if it happens, it will be challenging to reduce the pain. Therefore, if you believe you are suffering from chronic pain, instantly come to Practice Results 360 and treat your health problem with Dr. Moe Pisciottano Dr. Maurice Pisciottano. These three causes are mainly responsible for chronic pain.

  1. The Emotional Effect
  2. The Sensory Effect
  3. The Emotional Sensory Effect

Chiropractic Approaches to Treat Chronic Pain

Lots of ways you can manage your chronic pain. However, chiropractic treatment has been proven to relieve pain faster and more effectively than any other treatment.

At  Practice Results 360, we use multiple approaches to reduce your chronic pain. For example, based on neurology and orthopedics treatment, our chiropractors use Pro-Adjuster chiropractic to treat pain. On the other hand, sometimes we rely upon the original palmer philosophy that helps realign the spinal joint and increase motion movements.

Remember that you will not relieve pain at Practice Results 360, but our chiropractors will also improve your overall health quality. Sometimes our chiropractors might provide you some prescribed medication to get the best result during the chiropractic treatment season.

What Makes Chiropractic Treatment Unique?

Remember that, many times, manual adjustment can be harmful to your health as well as lead to several side effects. On the other hand, by utilizing various techniques, chiropractors will realign the joints, muscles and increase motion. Also, they will release tension from the muscle fibers and feel you calm.

Besides using modern techniques, at Practice Results 360, our chiropractors might provide alternative services as well. Such as physical therapy, yoga, massage, or nutritional consultation to reduce chronic pain.

What do Chiropractors think?

As per chiropractors, if you come to a trustworthy chiropractic clinic-for instance, Practice Results 360 and follow the chiropractor’s instructions thoroughly, you will feel the positive impact of chiropractic treatment after a few sessions.

In 2019, a survey was made by the National Institutes of Health study over 272 people.  After a few weeks, the survey claimed that only 13% of people taking drug painkillers to become pain-free. On the other hand, 30% of patients practicing yoga and other exercises had quickly gotten relief of pain. Remember that the doctor will always recommend some basic exercises at home when you visit a chiropractic clinic.

However, you will allow doing the exercises only when you are physically and mentally feet. Besides relieving pain, Dr. Moe Pisciottano might completely reduce the long-term pain that will soon help you get back to your everyday life.

Come To Practice Results 360 for Complete Treatment

Hence, if you are dealing with continuous chronic pain, come to Practice Results 360. Here, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano offer different chiropractic approaches to locate your problem areas and treat them accordingly. Besides, our chiropractors’ team offers massage therapy to reduce your pain.  Our humble request is to visit our website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe and book an online appointment to meet our chiropractors.

The Sigma chiropractic keeps away all the fears of manual chiropractic treatment. So, do you continuously suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and inflammation? If yes, then here is sigma chiropractic treatment for you. As per Dr. Moe Pisciottano, many patients who deal with the above diseases don’t opt for manual adjustment because of the pop or crack sound during the procedure.

If you are one among them, you can visit the Practice Results 360 chiropractic clinic. Here, you will take the benefits of Sigma instruments from some top-class chiropractors like Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

Sigma Chiropractic/Pro-Adjuster : Defination

The Sigma chiropractic ( aka Pro-Adjuster chiropractic) is a computer-based sophisticated technology. Remember that it involves gentle pressure to fix spinal joint issues. Also, at Practice Results 360, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano observes the result in a computer. And get crucial information about the resonant frequency & motion dynamics of the spinal joint. By applying a sudden but controlled pressure to the Sigma instrument, calculate the stiffness of the tissue.

Always remember the sigma chiropractic contains a collision wave. Also, comes with the oscillating frequency allows chiropractors to give accurate pressure to the affected area. The oscillating frequency sends a signal to the Sigma instruments in order to measure the tissue & spine response. After that, it sends an alert to the computer for interpretation. Bear in mind the entire procedure occurs so fast that it decreases the standard defense mechanism.

Sigma Instrument Technology:

Before relying upon it, patients might want to know that Sigma chiropractic uses which technology? Keep in mind; it uses the same technique that has been used by engineers & industry to test the metal fatigue in bridge and aircraft spans.

It means Sigma instruments use cutting-edge technology. At Practice Results 360, Dr. Moe Pisciottano relies upon this advanced technology to measure tissue and joints and treat them accordingly. With Sigma chiropractic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano and Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will easily decide whether a regular, manual adjustment is necessary or not.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano :

Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an expert on Sigma chiropractic technology and has taught many doctors across the globe. According to him, this technology is so gentle that we can apply the Sigma instrument technique to treat senior citizens, small children, and people who have undergone surgeries. In the below part, Dr. Moe Pisciottano explained some crucial factors about Sigma chiropractic.

Crucial Factors about Sigma Instruments

  1. Sigma chiropractic is comfortable for all age people, as there’s no risk of excessive force.
  2. Without the need for hyperextending parts of the body, the patient will be treated calmly.
  3. In a recent interview, he says clearly that soft tissue symptoms such as trigger points will respond quickly to the Sigma chiropractic force. Bear in mind; computer measures the pressure, and it will deliver in a metered, sub-harmonic, exact way.

Bottom Lines

As said earlier, if you ever suffer from inflammation, pain, and other health problems but you fear manual adjustment, opt for Sigma chiropractic technology.

Unfortunately, this advanced chiropractic technology isn’t available everywhere. Besides, it’s essential to treat your pain from the best chiropractic clinic. For this, you can visit Practice Results 360. Also, go to our website Drmoepisciottano-growwithdrmoe and book an online appointment with Dr. Moe Pisciottano and Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.